Miyajima is a small island approximately 40 minutes from Hiroshima city.

The Iconic torii gate attracts many tourists, which seems to be floating during high tide hours.

Itsukushima is the official name of the island because it has a close relationship with Itsukushima Shrine, the main shrine which is also build over water.

Due to the proximity and easy access to the Island by ferry, we recommend you to visit even if you are in Hiroshima just for a couple days. The island is also the home of wild deer, which you can see in public places.

The island has many traditional style restaurants and Japanese style hotels also called ryokan where you can enjoy spending time in natural hot springs 

If you want to visit this World Heritage, you can let us know your preferences and we would be glad to arrange a trip for you.

Tour Guide

With his experience as a tour guide, can guide you to Miyajima and help you have a great experience in one of the World Heritage in this region.